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Quintin   was   born   in   Colchester,   Essex,   in   1974   and   raised   in   the   nearby  town   of Manningtree.    He   spent   much   of   his   early   life   around   the   Dedham   Vale   'Constable Country'.   He   studied   Geology   at   Leicester   University,   a Masters   in   sedimentology   at   Reading University  and  gained  a  PhD  in  carbonate sedimentology  from  The  Open  University, based in Milton Keynes.  However, art   has   remained   a   lifelong   passion    and   he   is   largely   self-taught.    After experimenting  with  most  mediums  he  now  mainly  paints  in  oils  to  best  convey  his  realist style.   His  subject  matter  includes  landscapes,  pet  portraiture  and   still  life  and  more  recently  people  portraits.   He  has  been  providing  commissioned  artwork  for  15 years mainly finding time during evenings and weekends.

He lives in Aberdeenshire with his wife, Cheryl, daughter Rosalind.

Quintin Davies
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