‘The figure in clay: humanity’s fascination with itself’

This was the topic if our first talk of this term, given by local Artist Stéphanie Vandem.

Myself and other members spent a very enjoyable afternoon where Stéphanie encouraged us to look at examples of clay figures through the ages, while she taught us more about their uses and purposes. Helping us discover how these pieces conveyed a sense of the people who created them, their preoccupations and desires.

For myself it was a chance to fully appreciate some of these clay figures which i would initially have described as primitive in a more considered way. A chance to study the simplicity of their form and features but marvel at the attention given to their artistic execution.

It was indeed an opportunity to spend more time looking and fully appreciating the dynamic angles created by the human skeleton, the textures, curves, volume, and weight that could be portrayed through the carefully considered manipulation and sculpting of the clay.

Needless to say i am excited to see what Members create, during this weekends workshop.

To find out more about Stéphanie and her work check out her website and social media links below.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stephanie_vandem/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stephanievandemartist/

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