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Sandie Youngson Illustrated Talk on Acrylics May 2015

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Sandie Youngson is a qualified nurse and a self-taught artist. Her interest in art was fuelled and encouraged by her father- in- law who painted in oils. She describes him as an unconventional oil painter who believed that “if you don’t break rules you don’t invent!” A philosophy she herself finds easy to follow.

Her interest in art found its way into her nursing career where she ran art therapy classes for the terminally ill. Since retiring she paints regularly and runs one to one art classes at her studio.

She loves the versatility of acrylic paint and she spoke to us on how far it had come since the 1970’s. She tells us of the fantastic array of colours and special finishes now available. How it is quick drying, odourless and the opacity of the pigment being very forgiving, as you can always paint over your mistakes. Available in soft body, heavy body or super heavy body there is coverage to suit all painters. And then she lights up, as she shares her excitement of experimenting with the ever-increasing array of gels and mediums that can be added to the pigment to achieve different effects. She shares her love of playing with the paint, getting her fingers dirty and letting her picture develop before her. For her demonstration she chooses “liquitex” a pouring medium that is mixed with acrylic paint then poured directly onto the primed canvas, paper or board. As an experiment she compares this medium with PVA glue and acrylic.

These are the finished results.

This is the one using “liquitex” and acrylic, it pours easily and appears to heightening the colours of the pigment used. It dries within 24 hours to give an enamel type appearance. Sandie loves this abstract way of working and it’s hit or miss results.

This is the one created in a similar way using PVA glue and a little water. The colours don’t seem so vibrant and the high gloss sheen isn’t quite there. But its remarkably similar. I think its time to go and raid my art box and start experimenting!

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