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Louise Hewitt "Modern Art" March 19, 2016

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

The tutor at the UDAS workshop on March 19/20th was Louise Hewitt whose subject was modern art. Twelve UDAS members attended the workshop plus one guest. Louise arrived laden with art materials and reference books which she very generously encouraged members to use.

Over the weekend she introduced the work of Kandinsky, Hockney, Modrian, Edward Betts and Jackson Pollock. The class then proceeded to try to work in the style of some of these artists. A messy table was set up and Louise demonstrated a number of techniques mostly involving dribbling and getting paint moving. She explained how she had become excited experimenting with new materials. Students then attempted to rival the work of Jackson Pollock with gusto. Louise is a most experienced art teacher and over the weekend shared numerous tips both with individuals and in the course of her demonstrations.

Unfortunately day two of the workshop was cut short at the last minute due to staffing at the Community Centre. Despite this Louise obligingly condensed her material and managed to cover all she had intended with her eager students working up to the last minute. All enjoyed the challenge of embracing new techniques and opening up to new ideas.

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