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Kate Cunningham's Talk

"The Sky as the Consciousness of the Landscape"

Friday was a beautiful day and those UDAS members who attended Kate's talk and painting demonstration were not to be disappointed by missing the sunshine.

However it was to Kate's dismay that there was nothing but clear blue sky that could be seen over the bowling club that afternoon. This gave us our first insight into the passion Kate has for skies and cloud formations, constantly armed with her phone camera she records all she sees for future paintings. A graduate from Dundee, Kate's incredible enthusiasm and knowledge of her subject matter is truly infectious, leaving many members buzzing with excitement as they looked forward to attending her weekend workshop.

Below please see a photographic timeline of Kate's painting demonstration during her afternoon with us.


This is as far as the painting got during our afternoon, having been painted in oil it needs time for the underpainting to dry sufficiently before it can be worked on further. It does however provide us with a clear idea of how atmospheric the finished painting will be.

Kate's demonstration painting

Thank you Kate, for coming to share your knowledge and enthusiasm for painting skies and cloud formations, we really enjoyed your visit.

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