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How is expressive art taught in our schools? How are pupils prepared for an artistic career?

Questions, which were informatively, answered by David Wood an Art Teacher at Aboyne Academy on Friday evening. If you didn’t make the talk you missed out.

David is one of two, new young art teachers who are revamping how art is taught at Aboyne Academy. These two teachers have youth, knowledge, creative problem solving and enthusiasm for art that is truly infectious. A long way from what myself and fellow members remember of our art lessons at school. With restricted space, resources, a limited budget, and a great deal of their own personal time, they are delivering an engaging, highly creative, instructive, and broad curriculum for their pupils at Aboyne Academy. Covering everything from painting, printmaking, jewellery, architecture, textile pattern design, typography, sculpture and ceramics.

Those of us that attended, all left having learnt something new and I know I wasn’t the only one tempted to enquire if he would consider ‘moon lighting’, and teach a few workshops for UDAS.

Indeed it was a rare opportunity for us to learn about David’s aspirations for the future development of the department and the art curriculum going forward. We certainly left with a much greater understanding of ways in which UDAS might be able to support the department in keeping with the societies charitable aim of “encouraging an interest in art”. Indeed what better place to concentrate our efforts, than for the benefit of youth within our local community.

Here is a selection of the wonderful work pupils are creating.


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Mary Taylor
Mary Taylor
Jul 25, 2019

Really brilliant work done in the art department at Aboyne Academy. UDAS is hoping to fund a monthly prize for 1st and 2nd year pupils starting next term.

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