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Encouragement through art

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

It seems such a long time ago that we had a super talk from Stephanie Vandem in the bowling clubhouse- 23rd February to be precise! we knew nothing then of what was to come. In the almost 5 months since that day, we and our families have ridden a rollercoaster and had our lives turned upside down.

Artistic endeavours have been hard for some and easier for others- just how different people

have been feeling.

The members forum page has been a huge source of encouragement and fun for many of us.

Thanks to all who have contributed and hopefully there have been many members checking in to see what’s happening.

Hope you are keeping your spirits up most days at least.

Photo was taken today - water lilies on Aboyne Loch . Any budding Monets out there?

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What a fantastic photograph! So atmospheric.

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