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Balmoral Exhibition Excels!

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Today some of the committee and Deb Munro, a happy helper, hung the exhibition in the Balmoral tea room.

Although much reduced in number, the artworks are of a very high standard and are shown off to their best advantage .

well done to everyone!

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Balmoral Exhibition

I'm sorry to say that Balmoral will not be open to the public until the end of the covid-19 crisis. The pictures which were hung in the restaurant on 13th March can be seen in the Blog above. The Ballater exhibition will be on us before we know it so I hope to see you then.


Unknown member
Mar 25, 2020

Hello Ian, Just added the photos you gave me of the Balmoral Exhibition. Sorry Mary's post looked a little bare without them. Please have a go at posting something, any problems get intouch and i will help if i can.


It would be good to see any pictures produced since the lock down. Will they be your normal style or have they taken on a new energy, full of corvids? I have some pictures of the Balmoral exhibition but I'm not sure how to post them here.

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