Committee Vacancies

As of our AGM on the 3rd of July 2020 Rona, Lynne and Jackie will be stepping down from their role on the committee, we therefore need to fill the following positions.

1. Membership Secretary

A full job description will be posted here concerning this position in the near future.

2. General members/happy helpers to provide

  • Tea coffee biscuits, at talks, workshops and exhibitions

  • Opening up the venue – welcome members take non members fees

  • Setting up the hall for talks – chairs/tables out

  • Setting up the Projector/screen etc

  • Putting up and taking down exhibitions, receiving day - general help

3. Blog Administrator/Organiser

  • Overseeing and authorising the writing of a short piece on each of our talks, workshops or events that can be uploaded with images to the website. 

4. Social Media Administrator

  • Seeing that our social media presence is kept current with the uploading of relevant authorised material.

If you think you could spare the time to help, please contact Rona or another committee member to find out more.